Project 60: China Buying Idaho?

The following excerpts are from an article in the Boise (Idaho) Examiner will not make it to the mainstream media. The article details how Idaho’s Governor, Butch Otter, has teamed up with the Obama agenda of globalization. This article is most likely just a first peek at what’s in our future. You may as well kiss the good ‘ole’ USA good bye.  Just my opinion….William McCullough

Fifth Column – Definition: a group of people who act traitorously and subversively out of a secret sympathy with an enemy of their country…

Idaho To Be First Chinese State

Bill Turner – Boise Examiner, May 31, 2011

Governor Butch Otter, in league with….(Barack) Obama, has hatched a plan to make Idaho the first Chinese owned state in America. Otter and company have named this Project 60. Sounds innocent enough, until you realize that Otter and his minions are afraid to call it what it is, globalization of America and surrender of sovereignty. If it were called that someone may want to charge Otter with sedition. Under….Obama it has become increasingly difficult to do business in America, unless you are from a foreign nation. Idaho, under the stewardship of Governor Butch Otter, has opened the door for a Chinese invasion wherein the sovereignty of Idaho and America will be sodomized by all parties involved.

Project 60 takes advantage of a federal program that grants permanent residency to foreign nationals, in this case, Chinese. This program comes with special tax exemptions to the foreign firms moving here. American companies do not get the tax exemptions; So much for the Constitution and equal protection. Idaho is struggling financially and it is widely known that America is broke, so why tax breaks for the Chinese?

China wants to limit its exposure to America’s debt. China needs to maintain its trade deficits, so it does not collapse like a house of cards. In order to accomplish this, China must unload currency and excess dollars. Buying Idaho is a good way to accomplish this. But, do not worry, China is looking at buying Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania as well. China will not allow its currency to become stronger, so it must eliminate some of America’s IOU’s. What better way to do this than buy America?

Top Idaho officials have been traveling to China and entertaining the Chinese here, in order to help facilitate this. Idaho is a resource rich state and the Chinese know it, as does Obama, who keeps snatching Idaho land. Otter, Obama and the attack on business in America paves the way for China to own us. A Chinese firm is building a fertilizer plant in American Falls Idaho. Ironic. China has bought fifty square miles of land south of Boise, thirty thousand acres of Idaho gone to foreign nationals. Governor Otter says this will help reinvigorate our American industrial base. Just how this will do it, since the plants will be staffed with foreign nationals is a question that remains unanswered.


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26 Responses to Project 60: China Buying Idaho?

  1. Robert Landrum says:


  2. allen says:

    Notice how a lot of the states china is interested are near the great lakes?

  3. Thomas says:

    1. At first people buy all this “Made in China” s**t ! 2. Now China is buying America! STOP buying “Un-American Made” products!

    • admin says:

      That of course is the main problem. However, as Jack Camwell mentioned, globalism seems inevitable….

  4. Brook says:

    Does anyone know if this has actually passed and been signed into law? Basically, they are setting up a Chinese reservation in Idaho, where they will be exempt from US laws. Unbelievable!

  5. Bryan says:

    So what some of you are saying is that no foreign company should ever be allowed to open a business in the US regardless? That’s really all this is.

    • Rick says:

      You are an idiot!

      • admin says:

        Again you prove yourself very articulate – Bravo, keep up the good work!

      • admin says:

        Hmmmm….You must be either a by product of the American educational system because you do not seem to have the ability to constructively frame an argument – I believe the term I’m looking for is ignorant.

        • Eric says:

          I wouldn’t be calling people out as products of the American school system seeing as your sentence construction is horrible. You say he is “either…” but never an “or”. For example, “You either lack the grammatical skills of a seventh grade student or you’re mentally challenged.”

          • admin says:

            Spare me your faux academic pretensions – I’m not impressed….If you had read the article closely you would have found its a re-post of an article from – the author was paid for the article….so evidently his editors are also products of an education system that insures enough stupid people to vote for mystery politicians like Barack Obama

          • Jack Camwell says:

            I think intelligence has more to do with the ability to analyze and constructively respond to an argument than it has to do with a simple grammatical error, does it not?

    • candice says:

      I understand what you are saying, but this particular Chinese Company is owned by the Chinese government. If this were a corporation that was not connected to its government and unlimited monies, I (an Idahoan) would happily welcome business from any part of the world.

    • Jack Camwell says:

      I have to agree with Bryan on this one. I understand why some people would be afraid of globalization, but we’re at the point where it can’t be stopped, and it would be detrimental to try to resist it.

      Plus, you have to remember that we’re not entirely innocent on this idea of “owning,” foreign land. Every US military base overseas is considered US soil. We own it by virtue of our guns being there and the country allowing it to be there.

      And should we only give tax breaks to American corporations? I thought the whole idea of the free market was that we’re free to back whomever we want, or whomever will get the largest profit?

  6. Damie says:

    This seems to be an Idaho thing, not a federal thing. Idaho is a pure republican state, so the “in league with Obama” aspect doesn’t really fly.

    • admin says:

      That depends on who stands to profit….Political association can be melded to individual motives – money talks and regardless of which party involved no one is above serving their own interests. Regardless of Idaho being a ‘Republican’ state doesn’t mean much given the herd of RHINOs now in charge of the Republican party…WM

      • D says:

        Excellent response! Keep a fish eye on all elected officials RIGHT NOW! These are treacherous times now and ahead of U.S.!

    • Rick says:

      You are asleep!

  7. lucy says:

    Is this for real? Or a big bad joke?

  8. Doug says:

    If this plays out as the article says it will, then there won’t be any blood spilled. Even if it’s unconstitutional, as long as people have cable tv, beer and sports, there will be no revolt or major protests or riots. We have become a nation of sluggards and pacifists.

    • Derpper says:

      Ya, sad… Seeing as we already allow states and the Fed to violate the constitution, I doubt anyone will care when China turns that spot into a nice little moa zone. No freedom to speak and midnight kidnapping by police…

  9. ch says:

    The dumbing down has been successful. People would rather watch “American Idol” or “Dancing with the Stars” than to know what’s really going on.

    God help us!

  10. Michelle says:

    I wonder if az is gonna have anything to do with it. I’ve seen more military aircraft flying over this area more and more each day.

  11. David Lee says:

    “Do not trust the Chinese”..a warning from God to Nancy Fowler, a visionary and a holy messenger for His people. The message further stated that China, Russia, and N. Korea are a “Deadly Trio.” It seems as if something big is headed our way. The time to prepare is now!!!

  12. Mike says:

    There will be blood….

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