Barack Obama – On His Hands And Knees Again


William McCullough

 Sedition: (promoting), dissenssion, divison and schism ….conduct decending to treason.

Merriam Webster Dictionary

 No one should be surprised that Obama has added Mexican President, (oligharcal despot), to the long list of international leaders whom he has bent over for. Were I real nasty I might even suggest he likes being on his hands and knees. Obama unlike the vast majority of Americans has no true pride in being American. Yesterday he told Calderon that in the 21st century ” we are not defined by our borders.”

I would guess that the leaders in the drug cartels would consider this an invitation to increase their cross border forays, destroying American property, killing American citizens and trampling American sovereignty, that last item something Obama seems intent on doing. I do not at this point consider Obama as a true American and certainly not my President.  His mission, which has been suspected all along is intended to nullify not only the pride and sovereignty of  the American people, but  simply erase the only country in history that has been truly free and prosperous.

 I will simply say, regardless of where he was born, he is no more represents Americans any more than does Hugo Chavez. In closing, I will venture that this clown will go down in American history as the only seditious  President we have ever had – that is if he doesn’t completely destroy us first.  



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  1. The Sarcastic Cynic says:

    What is this seditious activity of which you speak? it’s not like he’s getting BJ’s in the Orifice Office-I mean the Oval Office. Now that would be the impetus for bringing articles of impeachment.

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