Biden’s Fractured Fairly Tales

Joe Biden is the perfect example of why the Democrat’s party logo is a jackass; Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi notwithstanding.
As most have heard, Biden while addressing a crowd of public safety employees in Ohio last year, declared that if Obama’s ‘jobs bill’ was not passed then police, firemen and teachers were going to lose their jobs. He also added the horrible specter of rampant crime and mayhem taking to the streets as a result of the bill not being passed.
Sadly there are more than enough under educated voters to swallow that nonsense hook, line and sinker, proof that Alinsky’s prescription for fomenting class warfare works well for the uninformed.
That of course made me wonder was he encouraging that reaction from not only criminals, but from the anarchists and radical socialists running the ‘occupy’ Wall Street debacle?
One might speculate that given Obama’s Alinskyite agenda to tear down and rebuild the country in his own ideological image, that Biden’s statements might be a segway into events of that nature.
With regards to the so called ‘jobs bill,’ anyone paying attention the $447 billion ‘stimulus’ Obama has proposed, $35 billion dollars, less than 8% percent of the jobs bill total stimulus amount.
As for Biden, maybe that brain tumor they took out of his noggin back in the 1970s has returned. Either way Biden like his boss is a perfect caricature of a bumbling politician, short on ideas, short on brains and hopefully shortly out of office….WM

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The New Now A Case Study: Stupidity vs Reality

It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring….Carl Sagan

The holiday season has always provided a convenient venue for the stupid to escape from reality. Spend what you don’t have, ignore the cost even though more expensive than the previous year and conveniently overlook the fact that the U.S. economy and everything you worked so hard for is heading down the toilet. But hey at least we elected the messiah we’ve been waiting for or perhaps the one warned of in the Book of Revelations? Either way as a nation we are headed downhill faster than a snowball rolling towards hell.

For those with blinders or bereft of critical thinking process we are of course now headed for happy days – I think that was the mantra in the middle of the Great Depression which of course illustrates the power of the main stream media to paint political illusions of those who had not then and those who do now have a grip or insight into our current circumstances. So for those who do have an inkling of what’s headed our way the attached Washington Times op-ed is a good read. For those in denial just delete….WM Continue reading “The New Now A Case Study: Stupidity vs Reality” »

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Obama 2012 – More Strange Days Ahead?

Against stupidity the very gods themselves contend in vain….Frederich Schiller

With the end of the world predicted by Mayan savages to occur on or about December 21, 2012 I’m left to wonder if maybe they might have gotten their dates wrong. The most likely scenario in my opinion, occurred in November of 2008 when a strange and unknown entity was elected President of the United States.

To wit there were no astronomical or natural earth phenomena recorded at that time. So what did happen?

We have a number of possibilities to ponder. Is Obama really one of those aliens from another planet or dimension? Is he the proverbial Manchurian candidate oft mentioned, the result of mind engineering tendered by some unknown dark interests seeking to benefit from the neutering  of the American republic? Hard to tell at this point but one thing does seem certain, regardless of what beginnings or circumstances molded this individual  the apocalypse predicted by the Mayans may have already come to pass in the person of Barry Sotero, aka, Barack Hussein Obama….WM


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Aurora Shooter an Occupy Anarchist

This vile creature a known member of the Black Bloc anarchist movement proves the point that anarchists are a threat to everyone. As such they should be labeled for what they are, violent sociopaths.  Predictably within a short time after the incident the politically correct chickenshit gun control advocates began calling for a ban on all guns, the implication being that the Second Amendment is anachronistic and has no place in modern society. To that view I would reply that had someone in the audience had a weapon they could have put this vile creature out of his misery.

Regarding the so called “occupy” movement. While initially it was populated by the truly concerned it rapidly descended into chaos and confusion once the average folks abandoned the movement. However, the partisan MSM propagandists refused to let a good news story die and like their messiah, loudly announced that the movement was just the average citizen protesting the wrongs inflicted on society by those cruel capitalists. It evidently did not occur to the MSM that the average citizens were nowhere to be found, they had been replaced by the dregs of society, pimps, rapists, drug dealers and addicts, anarchists and college students who obviously were wasting their parents money on  non-education.

In the end the destructive nature of those who inherited the occupy movement, with the approval of Barack Obama and the MSM, have left nothing in their wake but destruction and violence proving once again that the politically correct radical socialists are completely clueless of the unintended consequences of their action – or maybe not. But, there may be a greater agenda in play here – those whose interests would be better served with the destruction of our country as we know it.  Just my opinion….WM


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Supreme Court health care ruling’s impact on women….

Denise Burke – Washington Times, June 25, 2012

The deadline for the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare has nearly arrived. As the nation contemplates the impact of this historic case, the court’s ruling upholding Pennsylvania’s informed-consent and parental-consent requirements in the abortion case Planned Parenthood v. Casey reaches its 20th anniversary.

The rhetoric swirling around Planned Parenthood v. Casey would sound very familiar to those following the debates over Obamacare. Abortion advocates have not ceased inventing rights for women, such as access to federally funded contraception and unrestricted, unregulated and taxpayer-funded abortion. They allege that those who do not support their radical agenda are guilty of waging a “war on women.” Continue reading “Supreme Court health care ruling’s impact on women….” »

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